“For each kilometre driven without an accident one tenth of a cent for a MIVA-car”. This is what MIVA is requesting from drivers and travellers. The campaign is named after the holy Christophorus, who is the patron of road traffic, and connects international solidarity with the gratitude for driving without an accident. The money is collected on “Christophorus Sunday” in the Catholic churches or per bank transfer. The Christophorus Campaign is the most important source of income for MIVA.

The saint’s day of the holy Christophorus is 24th July. The Sunday which is closest to this date is the MIVA Christophorus Sunday. In specially organised masses the concerns of mission and development are pointed out. The Christophorus Sunday is also the highlight of the Christophours Campaign. The donations can be placed in special offertory boxes. In many parishes the blessings of vehicles take place after the Sunday mass.


According to legend Christophorus is a giant who is looking for a lord. He wants to serve Christ as the most powerful lord but the problem is that he cannot pray or fast. So he agrees to carry people across a torrential river. One night he is called by a child. He carries the child across the river. On the way the child becomes heavier and heavier – the giant is afraid of drowning. He feels as if he was carrying the whole world on his shoulders. The child says to him: “You have carried more than the world – the lord who created the world was your burden.” Christophorus, whose name means “carrier of Christ”, became the patron of the travellers. Christophorus is also the leading figure of MIVA as the project partners in mission and development are also in some way “carriers of Christ”.