Greetings from Fr. Nagothu Ravi Prashanth MSFS belongs to Missionaries of St.Francis de Sales Congregation. Pulkurthy mission Warngal Diocese Telangana, India (3. April 2020)

I am staying in a remote village where a few years ago we have started a new mission center. The people are too poor most of them are uneducated and daily laborers. For women employees wage for day is 100 Rs it is more than one Euro and less than two Euros.

Most of the people have no work. Because the country is under lockdown. On 22 of March our Prime Minister has called for lockdown till 14 of April. From that day on people have no work. Especially the poor and marginalized are suffering too much. Because they don’t have much to eat. Since they are poor and having hand to mouth existence they didn’t store any provisions. Some of the people in my area are eating once in a day. Today they have requested me for some help I have approached my provincial superior he helped me little what he could. With that amount I have brought some vegetables and provisions and gave to the poorest of the poor. I am also attaching the few photos of the people whom we have helped. The things which I have given to them it comes for 3-4 days.

In the urban areas the government is providing the food to the poor people. The whole problem is faced by the people who are in rural area.

However the government and the media always cautioning the people to wear mask and use the sanitizer. But in the remote places and in my mission station have said number of times to the people about the pandemic disease of Covid-19. People are ignorant about this disease. Because the poor people have no electronic media. I have personally said the people to use the mask. Some of the people are ignorant about the mask and they can’t afford to buy they are taking this Covid- 19 as any one of the disease. Few use the hand napkin to cover the face and the women few they tie to cover the face with the sarree . (women dress in India).

Even you can see the people in the photos how poor they are. Few of them have not even slippers. Only the rich and who are in city can afford for mask and sanitizer. We are not allowed to go out. At present we have no masses in the church. Even when I went out to buy vegetables and provisions I have to get the permission of local police officer and the village elder.

The government is acting strict. Not allowing the people to go out for any work. Time to time they give advises to the people how they have to take care of their health. Since the people are poor they don’t have money to buy provisions they are not varied about their health. First they seek for help. Since I am a religious priest I have approached my provincial for helping the poor. From the point of diocese they are also helping in different places.

Thanking you,

Fr.Nagothu Ravi Prashanth MSFS